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Mayor Bloomberg Is A Buffoon

Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire wuss that runs New York like it’s his own private satrapy, thinks he is smarter than everyone else and that his role as an elected official is to get involved in the private decisions of rational individuals by forcing them to live their lives the way he thinks they should even though they don’t want to.

Two recent examples are the forced ban of trans fat in NYC restaurants, as well as the forced posting of the calorie count for all menu items on the menu in text as big as the price. His purpose is to force the citizens of New York to switch from burgers and pizza to broccoli and hummus, so that they can live 2-5 years longer and make full use of their adult diapers and kidney dialyses.

Now, Mayor Bloomberg wants to give poor stupid people cash payouts for good behavior through an experimental anti-poverty program called “conditional cash transfers.” According to the Mayor, the program “gives New Yorkers in poverty a financial incentive to look ahead and make decisions that will improve their prospects for the future.” The cash payouts will include:

$25 for maintaining a 95% school attendance record
$300 for doing well on school tests
$400 for graduating high school
$150 for holding a job
$200 for visiting the doctor.
$100 for seeing the dentist

Who is more wussified -- The Mayor for proposing and enacting this socialistic nanny-state redistributive nonsense? Or the poor fools who won’t attend school (even though it’s free), won’t do well on tests (even though they’re laughably easy), won’t graduate high school (even though NYC practices social promotion), won’t hold a job (even as a burger flipper), won’t go to the emergency room when they’re sick (even though it’s free), and won’t visit the dentist (but get grillz).

The purpose of government, back before the wussification of America, was to provide two things – infrastructure and defense. Roads, bridges, police, jails, and the Marine Corps, that was it. Giving some poor dumb person a $25 reward for attending a parent-teacher conference was not what the founding fathers of America intended when they wrote our Constitution.

In fact, this whole concept didn’t even originate in the Western world, but rather Mexico and Brazil, two shining beacons of economic prosperity and human dignity. Mayor Bloomberg actually traveled to Mexico this spring to examine their program of cash payments to stupid people, and to study at the knees of the corrupt, drunken, drug-dealing, socialistic fools who run that banana republic.

The Wussification of America blog believes firmly that it is the right of the individual to act in any way he pleases, unless it does harm to someone else. The idea of taxpayer-funded cash payments to ignoramuses who are too stupid to take advantage of taxpayer-funded free services is a smack in the face to the entire concept of individual freedom, and it has no purpose in New York City or anywhere else in this republic.

And this wussified buffoon Bloomberg wants to be president?

Much More Grateful....Still Incredibly Stupid

I’ll admit, it’s easy to pick on Paris Hilton. In fact, it’s almost lazy. No thought whatsoever is required to point out how utterly stupid 99% of the things that come out of her mouth are. (1% is so inanely moronic that I actually can’t process my thoughts on how or why it is so stupid – something in my gut just tells me that it is.) But, the fact that she keeps inviting us to participate in the pity party over her “ordeal” inspires a deep need within my soul to crush her and all that she stands for.

Take her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest where she laments her difficult experience behind bars. Apparently it’s tough to spend roughly three weeks behind bars giving interviews to the press and seeing your supportive family members (who should feel disgraced by your conduct) every day. If it’s so hard for you, imagine how hard it must be for those poor inmates that don’t have your status and thus serve their time without the luxury of a safe, personal cell, little to no contact or support from anyone on the outside, and no big bullshit social safety net to fall back on to help them get back on their feet.

Paris feels that, "I am behind glass and I want to give my dad a big hug and they won't even let me do that." "I'm not a criminal, I'm not dangerous. ... It's hard but I'm stronger every day."

Let’s get something straight. You are a criminal. You broke the law not once, but three times and that explains why you are in jail.

You are also dangerous. Nearly 17,000 people die every year in alcohol related crashes when drunken idiots like you are only trying to “make a late-night run to a hamburger stand” and swerve into oncoming traffic.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re exactly where you belong.

e enjte, 21 qershor 2007

Some for the Ladies....

If you are a teacher who has sex with a student, you are a total wuss.

Your wussification is so lowly and disgraceful that I don’t think I would piss on your leg.

Your wussification is all the more pronounced if you are a full grown woman who has sex with a 13 year old.

If you catch your husband or wife doing this and don’t smash their face in, your wussification is absolute.

The cultural apathy that continually produces incidents like this is undeniably wussified.

From the husbands, who can’t satisfy their wives, to the wives, who are pathetic and repulsive, to the legal system that allows this to continue with a slap on the wrist.

You are all wussies.

Every last one of you.

No Balls.....

Men in this country, and fathers in particular, used to have these things called balls. I don’t know where they’ve gone, but their absence is a clear sign of wussification.

When a 40-year-old teacher chases after, and eventually marries, your 16 year old daughter, and all you can say about it is, “He had all the power in the world -- all he had to do was say, 'I can't do this.'" Or, you try to pass it off as if you “did all they [sic] could to keep the couple apart after noticing a deeper-than-usual friendship between them,” you’re either full of shit or a weak-ass loser.

You obviously didn’t do everything you could have if this guy wasn’t beaten to within an inch of his life.

There was a day in the not-too-distant past when fathers used to be feared by their daughters’ would-be suitors.

I know that if this had been my daughter, this guy would have had two choices, leave her alone, or have no teeth in his wedding picture. And if some police officer wants to argue the legality of the whole thing, I might not be on the right side of the law, but I can guarantee that fucko would be the big loser with no teeth and a degraded ability to walk.

If the concern is that your kids won’t like or respect you, here’s a news flash – your teenage fucking kids don’t fucking like you and never will until they grow the fuck up and have some real responsibility and realize you weren’t so full of shit after all!

You aren’t cool.

You aren’t their friends.

You’re their parents.

Act like it.

They don’t have to like it. You put food on the table and a roof over their head. Until they’re ready to strike out on their own (see earlier post about living with parents after college), they can suck it up and play by your rules in your house.

Of course, they don’t have to play by your rules if you’re a wuss - which you are. Have fun watching an old man screw your high-school daughter.

e premte, 15 qershor 2007

No Girls for You Dude.

Fresh news out of Peterborough, Ontario! A judge has ordered a man not to have a girlfriend for three years because he assaulted his previous girlfriend.

Apparently, Steven Cranley suffers from “a dependent personality disorder” and attacked his girlfriend in an argument after they broke up.

Now this is a bit of a stretch because this actually happened in Canada, but bear with me because this is feeding the wussification of America.

The people in this country who embrace the cult of psychologists that explain all manner of irrational or inappropriate behavior in terms of mental disorder to explain away personal responsibility are gaining ground fast. Many point to our northern neighbor as an example of how we should run our own country on subjects ranging from health care to gun control. But make no mistake, the abdication of personal responsibility will only lead to ruin.

But there’s plenty of wussification to go around here. This ruling shocks me in its blatant disregard for the rights of citizens. If the state can tell you when you can and can’t date, when will they start castrating people with lower intelligence to prevent them from reproducing? A slippery slope, true, but there is legal precedent that says that you can’t castrate rapists, so how can you now prevent idiots from dating? Do the citizens of Canada have to call their government officials if they won’t be home by curfew? Are they allowed to sneak a kiss on the porch if no one’s watching?

Where is the outrage from ordinary Canadian citizens when their rights are under siege? Wussification is to blame.

Justice Rhys Morgan explained the ruling this way, "That is the only way I can see the protection of the public is in place until you get the counseling you need." How about if we deem that this person is a threat to the public, we put him in a prison until he has received his counseling? This might be better protection for the average citizen than some moron having permanent blue balls for three years. Yeah, I’m sure that brilliant punishment won’t drive him crazy enough to attack anyone else.

This guy doesn’t need counseling. Counselors who have told him for his whole life that he’s special and sensitive and not to blame for anything are the reason he has no respect for other people. It’s all about him and his selfish needs. What he needs is an ass whipping. Preferable form an angry, large inmate with blue balls. Maybe then he’d learn his lesson.

Beware America! Wussification lurks just across the longest undefended border in the world.

Hey Kid, You Suck.

Poor little Matt Porter. He was such a little brat in class that his teachers singled him out and awarded him the "Most Likely Not To Have Children" and "Sir Clowns-a-Lot" awards according to NBC10.com.

His parents are angry too. They “have asked the Decatur Township school system to reprimand the teachers, and they want an apology.” Apparently “Matt felt humiliated.”

Let’s be clear, if I had behaved so badly in school that my teacher had singled me out for anything, I would have been spanked so bad that I wouldn’t have been able to sit in my desk the next day due to my sore ass.

You take away all disciplinary measures that teachers have from paddling to standing in the corner to detention and then you let the spoiled little kids run the roost. That’s brilliant.

Matt’s parents should be humiliated; humiliated that teachers had to do their job for them.

And if Matt thinks that this is humiliating, wait until he discovers what happens in the real world to ignorant people who don’t learn in school because they act like jack-asses and don’t learn anything.

Apparently, Matt’s parents think that Matt “needs counseling because of the awards”.
That sounds like a great way to teach this kid absolutely nothing about personal responsibility or respect for authority figures.

I’m not advocating that children should be ritually humiliated, but let’s be honest, humiliating experiences teach us a lot. Some of my biggest learning experiences stemmed form humility. And, Matt's experience wasn’t that bad. And if it was, maybe he should behave in class so it won’t happen again instead of having parents and principals tell him that he is owed an apology.

Matt, with the grand wisdom that only a sixth grader can possess, opined “They (were) putting us down and everything," he said. "That is not what their job is for, to put kids down. They are supposed to teach us." Well said, Matt. But respect is a two way street and it’s your job to be a good student.

Now sit down and shut up before I award you the “Sir Pisses-Me-Off-a-Lot By Being a Wuss” award.

Job Advice

On 13 June 2007, the Washington Post Express ran a very informative article on an interview with Penelope Trunk, the author of “The Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success”. Rest assured that if you desire to be the ultimate wussified shell of a human for the rest of your life, this book should prove to be a step by step “how-to” manual.

Admittedly, I haven’t read the book, and don’t intend to. Why do I need to when Ms. Trunk offers wonderful insights along the lines of moving back into your parents’ house after college as a strategic career move? Is this serious?

Let’s be honest here, there are certain acceptable circumstances when you can move back into your parents’ house: 1- You are actively searching for a job and are just awaiting offers to see where you’ll move. 2- You Are in the process of moving into your own place and there is a gap between your leases. 3- You’ve undergone some enormous life trauma like divorce and need a place for a couple of weeks to get back on your feet. 4- Your old house burns down.

If you fall outside any of the above categories, or fall into one of them and stay at your parents’ house for longer than a maximum of one month, you are a L-O-S-E-R. Loser. No ifs ands or buts about it.

You are not entitled live some posh existence fresh out of school, and your parents didn’t have it easy when they were young either. If you don’t like your low salary, get off your lazy ass, work harder and get promoted.

Ms. Trunk would have me believe that, “In order to use your early 20’s to figure out what to do, you need flexibility, and the best way to get that is to live with your parents and let them support you.” I didn’t make that last quote up. If you’re earning a salary and your parents are supporting you, you suck. And your 20’s aren’t there for you to “figure out what you want to do”. You fucked around enough in college and should have figured it out there. You are not entitled to wander the earth searching for purpose on your parents’ hard earned dime. Quit being a douche-bag and get your ass in line.

More sage advice from Ms. Trunk: upon becoming a new manager – “The first thing you have to think is (when you have a work task) ‘Who can I delegate this to?’ A lot of people think delegating is not taking responsibility. But it’s a gift to the people you work with; it’s giving them fun work to do.” First of all, merely delegating doesn’t make you a good manager, delegating the right things to the right people does. Delegating everything makes you a lazy asshole. Second, I don’t mind hard work, but I don’t ever view tasks from my boss as “a gift” or “fun work to do”. Of course Ms. Trunk probably doesn’t know that because she’s never had to work for one of the assholes who reads a book like this; she’s busy getting rich off of them.

But my personal favorite passage, word for word, is this, “There’s a lot of research published that says that people are hired because of their skills and fired because of whether they’re likeable. People who are competent at work, but not likeable are judged by their peers as incompetent, so if you want to be judged as competent, give compliments to people. The most core career advice you can get is ‘learn to be well- liked.’ It’s more important than skills, job hunting or networking.”

There aren’t words in the English language to express how utterly stupid this advice is. If a boss hires and fires based on likeability over competence, they’re a moron. If you’re the kind of weak-minded dumb-ass that cares enough what your truly incompetent coworkers think about you that you would actually dumb yourself down to please them, please do the world a favor and step into traffic without looking both ways.

I wish I ran a company that was competing against Ms. Trunk and the morons who take her advice. I would kick the shit out of her and put her in the poorhouse. Of course, she could always go back to playing professional volleyball. No business sense is required there.

Flip-Flopper From Massachussets Steals Title of Chief Wuss From John Kerry

Mitt Romney has had a convenient conversion, "on the way to Des Moines" as opposed to Damascus (to borrow from Presidential hopeful - or hopeless - candidate Tom Tancredo to being pro-life, anti-stem cell research, and anti gay rights.

It's fine to have political conversions as we see many candidates from Al Gore to being pro-choice from pro-life to Dick Gephardt who had a similar conversion during his time in the US House. How do you know however when the conversions become too much for the American populace to believe?

Take gay equality/rights/marriage. In 1994 Romney pledged that we can and must do better than his opponent in the area of "civil rights." His opponent at the time is the liberal Ted Kennedy. He said further, "If we are to achieve the goals we share, we must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern. My opponent cannot do this. I can and will." Romney went on to say he would co-sponsor the Federal Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA), "and if possible broaden to include housing and credit." He also says of Clinton's Don't ask Don't Tell policy that it was, "a step forward in the right direction" and that he looked forward to "gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation's military. That goal will only be reached when prevening discrimination against gays and lesbians is a mainstream concern, which is a goal we share." http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/2006/12/romney_spoke_of.html

On gay marriage he said it is, "a state issue ... the authorization of marriage on a same-sex basis falls under state jurisdiction." The statement, of course, is at odds with Romney's current support of a federal marriage ban, which he has testified in favor of before Congress.

On abortion and stem-cell, Romney points to a meeting with a Harvard researcher in November 2004 as the point where he switched to being anti stem-cell/abortion. WHy then did he mere months later appoint an openly pro-choice Democrat to a state judgeship and then in May 2005 support a US House bill lifting President Bush's ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research - a bill he says he now opposes?

Romney now? "While acknowledging that he held a functionally "pro-choice" position before December 2004, Romney has also claimed to have governed from a "pro-life" standpoint throughout his term as governor." http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Story?id=3279653&page=1

So Romney consistently runs as a moderate Republican before running as some sort of right-wing conservative. It's almost like Romney woke up one day and said, "Three things make me like JFK: 1) I look hot 2) I have a religion that is outside what most Americans believe 3) I'm from Massachussetts. How the hell can I get the Republican Nomination on the record I have. No problem! I'll change all my fucking positions." Anyone who brazenly changes their position on every issue of foundational importance (ie being pro-choice to being against embryonic stem cell research and for full gay integration into the 'mainstream' to being against all gay rights) is a complete wuss.
For all those politicians taking notes: If you say that you were "functionally" anything while "governing" from the exact opposite perspective, you're a complete wuss.

Brad Pitt Should Be Scorned By Society

So far, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have adopted three children from Third World countries Cambodia, Vietnam, and Namibia. According to Ms. Jolie, they plan on adopting between seven and 13 or 14 more: “There's something about making a choice, waking up and traveling somewhere and finding your family."

Yet the couple is not yet married. According to Mr. Pitt, “There is nothing in the air. The focus is the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together ... to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing.”

Why is it that America tolerates a grown man who abandons his first wife to shack up with another woman, whom he refuses to marry, and then goes on to adopt 20 kids from Third World countries, who will be raised as illegitimate bastard children, until this grown man has fresh cravings deep down in his Oklahoma loins, and abandons the whole lot for a new hot young cookie? Such behavior deserves the scorn of society.

The fact that Brad Pitt has NOT been scorned by society is further evidence of the wussification of America.

This Bitch's Lobby: 50 Year Old Men Who Live In Their Mother's Basements

Evidence of the wussification of America abundant everywhere.

As the saturation coverage of Paris Hilton inundated America a week ago, I couldn't help but watch or listen to one or two of the press conferences. As I caught a fleeting glimpse of coverage of Paris Hilton being hauled into court last Friday, Fox had microphones and video that caught a male voice yelling somewhere in the background, "No, No, No, No, No" when he heard that Paris had been, "remanded" back to prison. See video here: http://www.glumbert.com/media/parisfan

Initially I thought it might have been her father or some other relative. Wrong. It was one of her male supporters, probably in his fifties, holding a sign over his head saying, "Liberate Paris." You have got to be kidding me.

To paraphrase the inimitable Robin Williams, "The end of American society isn't here yet, but you can definitely see it from here.:

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The Wussified Hilarity That Is The "Quarter Life Crisis"

There used to be a time, long long ago, when graduates of American colleges and universities would go out into the real world, find employment and health insurance, find an apartment that they could afford, buy their own furniture, groceries, and become adults. Not any more. These days, the trend is for graduates to move back in with their parents, where they are protected, coddled, and funded until they are 30. This is known as the Quarter Life Crisis. Books have been written about this phenomenon. There is actually a whole website devoted to the Quarter Life Crisis, http://www.quarterlifecrisis.com/, where twenty-somethings can share their personal stories, i.e. bitch and moan to each other about the pains of adulthood. From the FAQ page:

Q: What is a quarterlife crisis?
A: The quarterlife crisis, or QLC, is essentially a period of anxiety, uncertainty and inner turmoil that often accompanies the transition to adulthood.

Q: Who coined the phrase "quarterlife crisis?"
A: Abby Wilner, co-author of Quarterlife Crisis and Quarterlifer's Companion, coined the phrase in 1997 after she graduated from college, moved back home, and couldn't figure out what to do with her life.

Q: What makes the QLC unique for twentysomethings today?
A: Essentially, it is taking longer to become an adult today based on traditional markers such as financial independence and starting a family. The average American job hops 8 times before the age of 32, the average college graduate accrues $20,000 in education loan debt, and the average age to
get married is now 27.

Actually, the Quarter Life Crisis is just another example of the wussification of America. The vast majority of today's college graduates have never worked a day in their lives. They've also been told that work is supposed to be enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting. Fact is that work is often not enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting, but rather tedious, time-consuming, and boring. Always has been, always will be. The reason why these kids are all going through Quarter Life Crises is that they're just now realizing this.

Note to aspiring parents: Make your kids work throughout high school and pay their way through college like the old days. They will learn the value of the dollar, and won't flip out and move back in with you after graduation.

IM: Very Wussified

Not only has IM surplanted face-to-face interaction for a large number of young Americans, IM is now destroying their ability to speak and write in the English language. According to James Billington, the US Librarian of Congress, "[the Internet] destroys the sentence, the foundation of the English language, with its diction-mangling chat rooms.” Things have gotten so bad that entrepreneurial companies are now developing software packages to reteach young Americans how to read and speak properly.

In case you don’t agree with Mr. Billington, what follows is a real life example of the complete and total wussification that is IM grammar--written by a young American male and taken directly from the Facebook:

im good too.. wat abbou U?? lool! :P im not cuming b4 july.. not sure wen exaactly!! btw do u kno wen ur prom is?! didnt decidE? im goin to nyc i got accepted in NYU and ii cannt waii to goo live theRE!! :D:D i missed u all too.. cannt waiit till summer.. im sure its gnna be soo much fun.. newayz tc sweeety.. mwaaaah..;**

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John Edwards Is A Spineless Wuss

One individual who we will be returning to frequently on the Wussification of America blog is Senator John Edwards, who is a complete wuss on a number of levels.

To begin with, he is a pretty boy who gets fake tans and $400 haircuts and thinks he's some kind of modern-day John F. Kennedy when he's not. The man desperately wants to be President, so desperately that he uses the tragedy of his son’s death for personal gain and refuses to end his campaign even though his wife has terminal breast cancer--both of which are very wussified actions. He has also taken a very wussified approach to the fact that he spent his formative years making millions for himself by parading sick kids in front of juries. Instead of playing up his trial lawyerness on the campaign trail, he instead trys to gain points with the working man by talking about his daddy's tough guy life as a coal miner.

Beyond all of that, Senator Edwards changes his positions on important issues depending on which way the socio-political wind is blowing. The most blatant example is his multiple positions on the Iraq war. This is wussification at its worst. In the old days, real men used to take a stance on an issue, and then stick by it, even when it became unpopular. This was called sticking by your guns. Not John Edwards.

The most recent example of Senator Edwards’ wussification is his multiple positions on the gay issue. According to Bob Shrum, who has run numerous failed Democratic political campaigns, Edwards once told him, "I'm not comfortable around those people." Translation: I don't like gay people. But now he’s trying to gain the gay vote by favoring an end to the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the U.S. military. All for his own personal gain. Memo to Senator Edwards: PICK A POSITION AND STICK WITH IT! STOP BEING A SPINELESS WUSS!

e martë, 12 qershor 2007

The Wussification of Country Music

Country, the uniquely American musical genre which has given us legends like Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash, most recently delivered "I Love You Period" by a Dan Baird, the chorus of which is:

"I love you period
Do you love me question mark
Please, please exclamation point
I want to hold you in parentheses "

Also, look at his hair.

Able-Bodied Wuss Who Takes Seat On The Metro While Old Lady Is Forced To Stand

Today I encountered a revealing example of the wussification of America on my way home from work. At 5:00pm, the Metro was packed with the evening rush hour crowd. As customary, every single seat was taken, commuters were jammed into the aisles. As the train moved slowly into Virginia, people began to get off, and at the third stop a seat finally cleared up. What happened next? Some guy--late 20s, longish curly hair, horn-rimmed glasses, hipster jeans, tight shirt, carrying one of those handbag-like briefcases slung over his shoulder and reading a novel--immediately grabbed the seat for himself, completely ignoring an old lady, perhaps 75 years old, who had moved toward the seat but was not fast enough. The old lady was instead forced to stand clutching onto the side of the car for the remainder of her trip home. The guy had no idea what he had just done; he was immersed in his novel.